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Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Yarrow is one of the most underrated and somehow virtually unknown plants!

People have only recently started growing it in their ornamental gardens, but in fact the history of this powerful medicinal plant is extensive. Too extensive to present it all right now, but I will at least touch on the subject.

Most Native American tribes used it in a variety of fashions as it was considered a "life plant". Typically it would help to heal wounds or alleviate pain.

In ancient Britain, it was a druidic herb, and was held against the eyes to aid in the use of "second sight".

In the I Ching, written thousands of years ago in China, Yarrow stalks were used to aid in divination.

It is mention in ancient Greek mythology as being used on wounded soldiers in war.

It is also known as an important herb in Ayurvedic medicine in ancient India!

As you can tell, this incredible plant has a deeply rich and colorful past. These types of historic plants are always worth taking note of. Especially when we are cycling back into an era where homeopathy may again be necessary to perform!

The only thing as colorful as Yarrow's history are it's blooms! They come in incredible varieties and it is no wonder why it has been gaining popularity in flower and pollinator gardens. It's also quite hardy, to zone 3, drought tolerant, and not picky when it comes to soil. They basically grow themselves! In fact, they are commonly used as erosion control because of their strong roots. Yarrow has a strong, sweet scent and grows very well at high elevations.

There is no reason not to be growing Yarrow at your High Altitude Homestead!


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