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Why You Ought to Homestead

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

In today's modern age of convenience, we have grown incredibly used to having things built, serviced, and supplied for us instantly that we have completely lost touch with what it means to be a well-rounded productive person.

When you make just enough money to pay your bills get food, a viscous cycle of reliance takes hold. Inevitably you lose time for other things that life offers as a result, and many talents and skills are left out to rot. This has sadly become the norm for most people.

In all of us resides a desire for something greater. In all of us lies the potential for creation!

2020, known as the Year of The Rat.

Let's interpret that as the year the Rat's left the race, shall we?

The human soul longs to be a productive force.

Nowadays it is becoming downright dangerous to be unable to provide essential things for yourself!

During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, millions of people quite literally started "panic buying" when they realized that all stores and restaurants could be closed for some time. The terrifying thought of "how on Earth will I survive?!" plagued the public faster than the actual virus.

What ensued due to the heavy dependence on consumerism was quite literally chaos. People were getting in fights with one another over basic necessities like toilet paper, soap, onions, gas and more!

In reality, question of "how on Earth will I survive?" is actually answered by itself.


Imagine that you could grow, produce, build, create, even a fraction of what you normally buy. Most of the time these things can be done by simply utilizing the Earth and space around you!

In turn you would be saving on groceries, and potentially creating enough to sell to make up for the rest. You would be helping to alleviate the unsustainable strain that modern convenience has imposed on the Earth.

Eventually you will learn new things and be able to begin new ventures in your life, finding even more ways to become a more self-sufficient person.

Alas! A way out of the vicious cycle of dependence!

If something catastrophic were tp happen to society again, you would be capable of weathering the storm, so to speak. In your community you may even be that guiding light and supplying force for others in need at that time!

This stark reality is the cause for the most alluring reason to become a homesteader today. The future is uncertain, and homesteading is a way to make things a little more comfortable.

The aspects not even yet taken into account are potentially even grander. Nature has an incredible way of healing, and we could surely use it!

Ever since man founded cities, people have needed therapeutic refuge in nature. There are countless reasons for this sociological phenomena, and scientific studies have been done to prove the health benefits of one's having a good relationship with the natural world.

The tending to and care for live animals has the same healing affect as nature. There are countless studies and implementations of pet and animal therapy in the world today. Caring for something other than yourself is essential to the human spirit.

If you like to eat meat, you must come to better understand the value of a life. "Meat Production" factories are grossly disturbing and inhumane, and are rapidly leading the destruction of the planet.

The last reason to become a homesteader needs no explanation.


The journey of homesteading is sure to be full of difficult tasks.

In succeeding, your life's path will be no doubt be reaffirmed as "totally worth it".

It is crystal clear to me that in today's modern times

homesteading is not only appealing,

but essential for the future of humanity.

You will be reducing waste and limiting your carbon footprint drastically. At the same time as the coronavirus pandemic, nature began healing itself! Because people were forced to stay home and consume less, the hole in the ozone started closing and the global temperatures were falling. This very brief time showed the powerful resilience of the Earth.

However if we continue on the path of extreme consumerism in the wake of the summer of 2020, we will have learned nothing. We will be actively inviting it all over again.

If more people were to seek a more conscious lifestyle, with an emphasis on being a producer instead of a consumer, the future for humanity will be bright.

Ready? Get started homesteading with three basic steps.

Need more? Check out some great resources on self-sufficient living.

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