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Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Two old souls, born in this lifetime under the zodiac sign Aquarius. Perhaps this isn't our first time knowing each other, hopefully it won't be the last. We dream big and aim to make our lives as grand as we envision. Thankfully we have had each other to help ourselves become closer to being the people we want to be.

We were born in the very same hospital, 3 days apart, in small town America. She, a soft spoken but immensely wise little girl; he, an obnoxious but endlessly curious little boy. Although we grew up only a couple miles apart, and went to the same schools, we had almost no idea that each other existed! Luckily for us, fate would reunite us when it really mattered.

We bonded over long car rides to experience nature together. All the while never running out of conversation. We renovated a couple different homes, started gardens, and went on many adventures before we ended up getting married seven years into the relationship.

What couldn't have been more fitting for us was the day in which we got engaged. After walking through enormous alpine wildflower meadows, we stopped high up on a rock overlooking an alpine pond, completely private for us at that moment in time. It was in this serene and tranquil, wild and beautiful natural location that I broke the heavenly silence to make my intentions known.

Somewhere during all the productive chaos that was our first seven years as a couple, we formulated our dream. We worked out a deal to become the stewards of what would one day be known as Aquarian Acres. We plan to surround ourselves with nature, while truly becoming the self reliant, creative, and wild spirits that we know we are!

We faced many challenges while attempted to design and ultimately build a home off grid at Aquarian Acres. The sad reality is that building a home completely off grid is an expensive and unsustainable sojourn at this time. We decided to aim our sights on something more complete already, and eventually moved into an established farmhouse within a reasonable drive to our personal paradise. Moving to a rural area has presented many challenges, and we have been facing them in stride.

We are eccentric, unique, and headstrong people. I don't believe I could even begin to fit who we are onto a simple blog page!

Therefore I hope you get to know us by following along with us here at High Altitude Homestead, or find us on any social media platform.

We are going to achieve great things!

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