What is Permaculture?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

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I am certain you have heard of this current buzzword in the world of gardening. Permaculture has actually been around in its modern iteration since Bill Mollison coined the term in the late 70's. However, it is a methodology as old as nature itself.

Now more than ever, it's the sole ideology that could have the greatest positive impact on the planet, and therefore for humanity.

So what does Permaculture mean?

Permaculture is the all-encompassing term used for organic, biodynamic, and regenerative agriculture methods in order to cultivate a sustainable local environment.

Simply put, it is the practice of applying sustainable horticulture methods to aid nature in establishing more healthy and permanent ecosystems through the biodiverse and symbiotic relationships of all living things.

In modern times, the world is going through a process of desertification at an alarming rate. It's now becoming apparent that Earth needs our help before there is damage too great, lest this planet becomes inhospitable for all.

A Permaculture ecosystem is a complex and diverse network of all the biological kingdoms. Whether it be plant, fungus, protist, prokaryote, eukaryote, or animal - we are ALL included.

Over time, a healthy ecosystem can develop in nearly any place on Earth, biodiverse and symbiotic in nature. An extensive food chain emerges, which replenishes itself through a cycle of robust growth and healthy competition.

Our planet demonstrates an incredible strength in its ability to cultivate itself; even in the most isolated locations. Earth cycles through various natural processes of creation and destruction in order to equilibrate.

We have the power to maintain this delicate balance, or the potential to decimate it.

Our world is showing irrefutable trends of extreme pollution, overconsumption, and destruction from the bad habits of our modern society. But it doesn't have to be like this!

As humans, we exhibit the most extraordinary power to alter and encourage our world through our actions.

People are practicing Permaculture in every climate around the world with amazing success.


Permaculture is the conscious and active improvement of your direct environment in order to establish a sustainable ecosystem.

This is achieved by methods derived through careful observation of the natural phenomena around you. Through the gaze of a watchful eye, the laws of nature are better understood and can then be utilized to create a more diverse and fruitful ecosystem.

These methods include but are not limited to:

And so much more.

Let me know what other methods you'd like to see on this list.

Fostering a healthy habitat for every single creature to thrive-

from the microscopic beings that give life to the soil, to the birds that occupy the sky. That is permaculture.

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you can begin to practice permaculture on a home scale.


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why permaculture is so important in the modern era.


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