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The Self Sufficient Life and How to Live it

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

High Altitude Homestead is in no way affiliated with the book, author, or publishers. Rather I aim to inform the public on books that contain highly important information and are therefore unbiased recommendations.

Here is a book by another incredible person. Except to call it simply a book is a dire underestimation. And to say John Seymour is just incredible is an understatement as well.

Here is a man who saw his chance to benefit the entire world, and took it. People tend to complicate things, and Mr. Seymour will empower you and make you realize that anyone can live this lifestyle.

This is an encyclopedia of everything you could need to live self sufficiently. EVERYTHING. It may not go into as much detail as textbooks on specific subjects, but in order to get started, on anything homesteading, this is where to turn.

Want to make cheese? It's in there. Wine? It's in there too. Bread, raise livestock, preserve food, build greenhouses? You get the idea. You will learn how to create furnaces, outhouses, woodwork, weave, make ropes, and so much more. There is even a few pages on renewable energy and how to create it. Mind you this book was originally published in the 70's!

Why on Earth we haven't all taken some pages from John Seymour is beyond me.

This compendium is the ultimate resource for anyone wanting to live self-sufficiently. If you feel like you don't know how to, for instance, go about harvesting grain, simply check the index and then find the corresponding page.

You will see how easy it can be to produce a life where you are in charge. If you are wondering about the basics of butchery, this topic is covered in simple and efficient terms for anyone to understand. He has the utmost respect for all life and that is what makes this such an easy read.

Of course the largest part of self reliance comes from the garden. There are some amazing drawings and diagrams of not only how to create a garden (even on limited space) but also how to maintain it in every season! You can use this resource as a wonderful way to keep yourself on track with your chores.

I am a huge fan of anyone who is in tune with nature. It is abundantly clear within the first several chapters that this book and its author are one hundred percent just that. It touches on healthy ecosystems, how to create and maintain them, and their importance. In a world where the water is drying up, the trees are dying, and the wildlife is going extinct, this kind of mentality is more important than ever.

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