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The Permaculture Handbook

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

High Altitude Homestead is in no way affiliated with the book, author, or publishers. Rather I aim to inform the public on books that contain highly important information and are therefore unbiased recommendations.

This hefty textbook is essentially a guide for starting a permaculture homestead. Ttough it is not extremely in depth on most topics, the amount of topics covered is quite extraordinary.

The author begins by examining the attitudes and personality of the person or people who are inspired to farm in the modern world. There is a brief digression into why there is such a tiny population successfully earning their income from strictly farming. This is a serious topic and one which is frustrating or curtailing to the aspiring small scale farm.

The sad fact is, many permaculture homesteads do not succeed. Not because a lack of knowledge or effort. Rather it is due to a lack of savvy enterprising minds. Money can be called the root of all evil, it's true. But it is also necessary in today’s society. This book addresses the importance of financial gains in order to perpetuate the permaculture farmer and their homestead.

In The Permaculture Handbook, you will find tons of different ideas for your homestead. As I mentioned, you may not find the same depth that a dedicated book on sed subject may have, however you will see a plethora of examples for you to expand your homestead.

My hope for the world is that every person who wishes to be a permaculture homesteader can do so and succeed. The prosperity of humans on Earth may just rely on us.

All this being said, this book is definitely not solely about making money on the homestead. There is a wealth of knowledge in this complete resource. In order to keep this article brief I will simply list some of the topics covered. Sun angles, windbreaks, fencing, animal housing, aquaculture, soil health, wildlife, orchards, community, recipes, and more grace the pages this 500 page tome of information. Any aspiring, or enterprising farmer would do well to have this book on their shelf among all the other amazing resources available.

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