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Red Hot Pokers (Kniphofia)

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

These flowers are 🔥!

Originally native to Africa, they typically will only be hardy to USDA zone 5. However, I have read many testimonials of people living in much colder zones growing them with great success!

I believe the answer lies in proper mulching for harsh winters, as well as placement of the plant in a warm microclimate.

It will take about 3 years of growth for your Red Hot Pokers to really come alive, and they will! After sed time there will be no difference visually between large, expensive transplant Kniphofia and the smaller, sparser plants.

So plant them with the intention of a beautiful and breathtaking show years down the road, instead of expecting fireworks this year.

The flowers themselves produce tons of nectar, making them a serious favorite for pollinators. In addition, they are deer and rabbit resistant as well! Not to mention the sheer unique beauty of these blooms which make them seem otherworldly.

Do your future self a favor and get some Red Hot Pokers planted on your High Altitude Homestead, today!


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