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Radish (Raphanus)

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Grown the world over, radishes are an excellent and beloved edible plant that every gardener ought to have growing.

There may not be a simpler vegetable to cultivate, making radishes one of the first types of plants that novice gardeners attempt. They germinate and sprout in only a few days, and are often ready to eat within a month! You can typically get away with sowing them earlier in the growing season than any other vegetable, and can be continuously sown throughout the year, some varieties into the winter.

Radishes are excellent companion plants for many other plants because they have a pungent odor that repels many different pests like hornworms, squash bugs, ants, and aphids while attracting the beneficial insects. Many seasoned farmers use radishes to delineate crops because they grow so quickly.

For their pest control abilities and rapid growth rate, radishes make a perfect catch crop and ground cover. All this being said should make it clear why every garden should have them. They grow very well at high elevations, too.

The history of radishes is undetermined, because they have been grown all over the world for thousands of years! It's no wonder why.

Excellent by themselves, dipped in salad dressing, or sliced onto some fresh greens. You will be ecstatic for these wonderful plants every year when they are your first harvest.

Just be sure to allow a couple to go to seed so that you don't run out!


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