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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Phlox is a show-stopping little vibrant ground covering flower species. Some varieties grow upright, but the majority of mountain phlox grow in a mat-like pattern. Creeping phlox makes for a superb perennial ground cover, as well as bring immense beauty to struggling land!

They produce great food for bug larvae, which will in turn increase your wild bird population. As well as the deer and rabbit love to munch on phlox, making for a great diversion from some of you plants you wish to protect.

The ideal environment depends on which kind of phlox you are trying to cultivate. Alpine phlox prefer full sun and good draining soil. Where woodland phlox prefer partial shade and soil that is rich in humus. There are even some waterside cultivars that require wet roots constantly. As you can tell, this is a very diverse type of plant!

Nevertheless, I am sure you can settle on one that will be perfect for your garden. The fact that you can use them to feed wildlife, attract pollinators, and because they perform well at high elevations makes them a perfect plant for the High Altitude Homestead!


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