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Permaculture - A Designer's Manual

Bill Mollison is one of the fathers of modern permaculture. He and a gentleman named David Holmgren developed the concept of permaculture, and published two books on the subject. This is Bill Mollison's magnum opus of permaculture and is an absolute must have for any aspiring student or certified designer.

At risk of underselling this book, let me just say that it has the most information of any book on the subject. It is composed as a collegiate style textbook, with lots of tables, charts, examples, drawings, etc. Written in a two column style, these nearly 600 pages are a compendium of utmost importance.

I simply cannot express to you the depth of this textbook. From the most basic facts like soil composition, to energy spirals and why things grow in certain shapes, the scientific information in Permaculture, A Designer's Manual will blow your mind.

Learn about the effect of weather, earthworks, greenhouses, gardens and how to plan according to all these things and more. If you have a permaculture problem, this book is sure to have your answer.

Copies can be a bit scarce, and they do not come cheap. You get what you pay for, and Permaculture, A Designer's Manual is worth it. Ebooks are relatively inexpensive, but if you are looking for the real hard copy, Tagari Publications is still printing them at a great price! All proceeds go towards Bill Mollison's Permaculture Institute. (I have no affiliation)


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