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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Penstemons are perhaps the most beautiful of all flowers native to North America.

They appear in an immensely wide variety of species, and are found everywhere on the continent from arctic Canada to tropical Central America. They are typically shrub-like, with some varieties reaching heights of 9 feet! Penstemons are identified by their staminodes. which are basically stamen that produce no pollen.

Most species of penstemons are perennial, so finding the right species for your area will mean year after year of incredibly showy blossoms.

As part of our first test garden at Aquarian Acres, we had some penstemon seeds in the wildflower mix, and were absolutely thrilled to see some growing when we returned a couple months later! It seems to me that there are some varieties keenly suited to grow in high desert environments, and I'm certain the hummingbirds will be grateful as well.


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