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A Valuable Practice Neglected by Most Homesteaders

Updated: Jun 15, 2021


Wait don't go! Give me a few minutes of your time and I promise I will change your life.

First of all, I feel the need to explain my definition on Yoga, in case you are confused as to what it actually fundamentally means.

"Yoga is a mindful and intentional method of stretching your muscles with

a personal exercise routine as devised by the one practicing it.." -HAH

Second, I'd also like to emphasize that this is for everyone. You do not have to be a middle aged housewife or a skinny hipster. Yoga will benefit every single practitioner, no matter, age, size, condition, gender, color or creed!

Once upon a time, yoga was of the Gods, because it was the ultimate practice of mindfulness, creativity, spirituality and well being.

Let's be real. Being a farmer is hard work. You are lifting and carrying heavy objects, on your feet for countless hours at a time, moving the Earth (too often with you back), and so much more!

One thing you likely do (and don't even notice) is repetitive work. How your body reacts to repetitious motions is to strengthen the specific muscles used.

What gets left out are the muscles that are being used less, causing many parts of the body to become tough and fibrous. Over the course of time, this can cause an imbalance in your muscular and skeletal structure, leading to poor posture and the slew medical issues that will inevitably arise as a result.

You want to be able to live the life you've chosen, as long as possible!

That is where yoga comes in.

Yoga is a simple method of stretching and strengthening any and all muscles in your body.

There are many schools of thought on yoga. Sadly, most people envision that you must wear tight pants and sit in a hot and sweaty room, filled with the humid breath and bodily exhaust of all those around you.

This is untrue!

Yoga is a deeply personal practice and ought to be done first thing when you wake up, in the dark hours of the early morning, and often alone.

As a farmer, you wake up at the crack of dawn anyway! Try ten minutes before you make your coffee.

Your mindset highly important; aim to have a calm and thoughtful disposition when doing yoga. This allows you to tune into your body and finding the areas that need the most work. You will learn to focus on your whole being, targeting every point of contention within yourself, alleviating all soreness and ache. This also translates to mental ailments! (Your brain is comprised of muscle after all.)

Take the practice as far as you'd like.

Prior to starting you may need to learn some proper yogic technique so you don't end up doing more harm than good. I recommend finding a few beginner's videos by credible instructors and just following along.

Recognize what benefits you most, and make note so you can begin forming your own routine. There are countless free services out there for you to use as inspiration.

You can (and should, if compelled) join your nearest local yoga class if you would like to have a hands on approach within the community. But as a goal, yoga ought to become a conscious, self-driven, and private practice. One that can be beneficial to your entire life.

The fact is, no matter how long you practice yoga in the morning, you will finish feeling less burdened and stronger, more prepared for the fresh start presented every day.

I have yet to encounter even one homesteader that could not benefit from a little mindfulness and personal maintenance every day.


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