Native Planting

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

All around the world, people are again understanding the importance of growing native plants. There are some simple reasons why growing native plants is becoming preferred, as well as some moral and ecological implications from growing things for vanity (non-native).

Growing native plants is beneficial because;

  • They are adapted to local climate, reducing watering needs.

  • They are adapted to local soil conditions, negating the need for fertilizers.

  • They are the most important food for some specific local pollinators that need help.

  • They help increase biodiversity (That is a whole 'nother story, but trust me it is vital.)

  • They are all beautiful in their own right, immensely enhancing your garden!

When we insist on growing plants from other regions we;

  • Invite invasive species that take opportunity from important natives.

  • Increase pest population as non-natives are much more prone to disease.

  • Must work much harder on keeping these plants alive or producing.

We are too demanding as a species, and only wish to surround ourselves with only what we are familiar with. For instance, when European settlers arrived in America, they brought with them the staples of their own pantry; Barley, peas, apples, etc. Crops that used to grow plentifully in their Old World gardens were now much more difficult in the New World with extra needed maintenance from pests and disease. With some aid and guidance from the Native Americans, people quickly began reaping bountiful harvests of corn, squash, tomatoes and the like.

Moral of the story is, find value in the unknown local commodity. Appreciate what grows naturally, and in turn you will open your mind to the importance and value of native plants. As a result you will be blessed year after year with an amazing and unique crop. You will also benefit your local wildlife and pollinator species, seeing nature begin to flourish all around you!

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