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Soil Climate Regulation with Stone Placement

This is another simple and powerfully effective method that will vastly improve the survivability of nearly any plant.

You may have noticed in nature that many plants seem to grow out from underneath a rock or concrete. This is not a mistake or a chance happening. Many plants find that having such a weight on top of their roots is an amazing comfort for several reasons.

Large rocks act as thermal mass, which basically means that they store the sun's energy. They store heat during the day and release it throughout the night, stabilizing temperature swings. In the summer they absorb the heat, keeping it from penetrating the earth and overheating the roots. In the winter they provide a similar kind of aid, as they allow plants to stay warmer than others that are exposed to the bare ground.

In addition, moisture will collect underneath rocks. This works twofold. Obviously the extra water will help to keep plants roots moist, but it also encourages worms and other soil life to collect. Rocks and stones create a wonderful culture for many different plants to survive. This is especially helpful when establishing a young tree.

When you are out in your garden, think about different ways you can use rocks to empower the land and improve the life of your plants. Whether it be terraces, or by simply placing them over the roots of trees and other plants.


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