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It has been a while!

Where has the time gone?

Like so many other quarantine inspirations, this website started as a new passion project amid the pandemonium that was the 2020 COVID pandemic. I'm sure like many others, as things got back to a new normal, I had a hard time keeping up with my newfound hobby...

To my pleasant surprise, so many people have been finding my humble little website in search of information for their very own high elevation endeavors. To everyone that finds High Altitude Homestead, I say thank you!! I have been humbled and encouraged to keep this going and I fully intend to do so.

The surface has been barely scratched for what this website can provide and I cannot wait to keep providing free information without ads so that you can continue to find my work useful in your own life and home.

The past couple years have been an absolute whirlwind for me and mine. We finally moved from our beloved suburban home in our hometown to our country estate in the rain-shadowed foothills of sunny Southern Colorado. Learn more about Arroyo Acres.

Life is tough here, and yet I wouldn't trade it for the world. Technically the zone we live in is sub-tropical, but I think it's more like sub-tract-the-consistent-moisture-and-temperate-conditions-to-be-considered-tropical. The wind is fierce, the droughts are real, and the wildlife are desperately hungry for anything planted. We are constantly adapting and seeing a lot of early success. I truly believe that if I can succeed here, anyone can succeed anywhere. I am thrilled to continue sharing our adventure with you all.

In addition to a full-scale home remodel and land restoration, I have been dealing with some intense personal struggles that have kept me from engaging with this wonderful online community of passionate homesteaders and permaculture enthusiasts. While I won't bore you with the drama - especially because we all have enough of it - I am learning more and more every day what is important.

What is important? Sanity in this crazy world. I sincerely hope you find it as I have finally began finding mine. While life will always have its challenges and fear of the unknown, take solace in my experience that if you try hard enough, you will inevitably go far.

In the near future I aim to release more content encouraging you to follow your dreams, and take simple steps to be more in touch with nature in your pursuit of a simple and happy life.

Thank you again dear readers. Please don't hesitate to reach out with suggestions, questions, advice, or just to tell me your story. Keep living that elevated life!

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