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Ice Plant (Delosperma)

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Here is a ground covering plant that is truly deserving of note. You may have walked past a happy little delosperma in your neighbor's yard and thought, what is that plant with all those flowers?!

One of my personal favorite things is how they open and close throughout the day, depending on the moisture they are receiving. It actually prefers well drained or rocky soil, making it easily cultivated in the mountains. Especially at a place like our homestead because it tolerates very sunny and dry conditions exceptionally well.

Historically ice plants have been used for soil stabilization as well as ground cover. They are in fact a succulent, and a highly evolved one at that.

Truly a wonderful blooming ground cover with intense blossoms to attract bees. Perfect for xeriscape and rocky gardens. This is the epitome of a permaculture and High Altitude plant.


Check out my video for transplanting your Ice Plant once they start to overgrow!


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