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Homemade Yogurt Instantpot Recipe

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Being a homesteader means you are responsible for your own health. Yogurt is one of the greatest foods you can add to your daily diet for overall well being. The live cultured probiotics can make a world of difference in so many aspects of your body, namely in your gastrointestinal tract and digestive system. Proactively take care of yourself with a daily dose of homemade yogurt.

"All disease begins in the gut." -Hippocrates

However the most driving thing that forced me to make my own yogurt was all that plastic waste! I stopped eating it for a very long time once I could no longer stomach how much foil tops and non-recyclable single use plastic would end up in a landfill from eating yogurt daily. As a homesteader and as a conscious human I am always seeking to find ways to minimize my garbage, and procuring reusable yogurt jars was basically a life changing moment.

So feed two birds with one scone, so to speak. Decrease a ridiculous amount of waste, and bolster your longevity at the same time. All due to a deliciously creamy breakfast.

This recipe is for an Instantpot, and sadly I have never tried to make yogurt in a crockpot or anything else. I am typically avert to new technology, but being able to precisely control temperature is a game changer for real. You may need to get yourself a new gasket for the lid though, as they tend to absorb all that good savory flavor over time.

If you are a visual learner, check out my Youtube video for making yogurt, otherwise read on!

Total cooking time, 8-11 hrs.


1/2 gallon organic whole milk

1/4 cup yogurt starter (either store bought, or use some plain yogurt from your last batch!)

Wait that's it? That's it!

Getting started

  1. Sanitize your Instantpot by boiling some hot water and then rinsing out the pot and the lid without the gasket in place.

  2. Install a gasket specifically kept for sweets or just yogurt.

  3. Pour the milk into the Instantpot and press the "Yogt" button until the readout says "boil".

  4. When it beeps to let you know it is finished boiling, remove the pot and place it on a cooling rack. Begin checking its temperature every so often as you are trying to cool it down to between 105° and 115° F.

  5. Skim off the skin with a fork or spoon.

  6. Scoop a small amount of milk out into a bowl. Add in the yogurt starter and whisk until blended. Pour it into the milk and stir briefly to combine.

  7. Place the pot back into the Instantpot and press the "Yogt" button again to set it to "Normal", and adjust the time for about 8 hours.

  8. Be patient! I did say 8 hours and I meant it.

  9. Check on the yogurt after about 6 hours so you can begin noticing a difference. When you open the pot, try to hold it completely level so the moisture does not run off into the mixture!

  10. Place the lid back on and check it around the 8 hour mark if you would like, it should be starting to solidify a bit. You can lightly shake the pot. If it moves as one jiggly mass, it''s done! If not put the lid back on and add some more time. It may take up to 11 hours or so. Longer does not necessarily mean thicker, but the longer it cooks the more tart it tastes, FYI.

  11. Once you are content with your yogurt, take it out of the Instantpot and place it on a cooling rack again.

  12. Get ready to put it in jars! I use a measuring cup with a spout that works pretty well. Be sure to save a jar for next time before adding any flavor!

If you would like to add flavor you can add a 1/2 cup sugar and 2 tbsp of vanilla and stir it before jarring it up.


If you prefer fruit in your yogurt. You can make a simple fruit compote by putting your fruit of choice into a saucepan, adding sugar to taste, and cooking it over medium heat until it becomes a syrupy jam. Allow it to cool a little before putting yogurt on top though.

You've done it! Congratulations!

You are on your way to a happy belly and satisfied taste buds. Enjoy your yogurt for about two weeks and then it's time for another batch. Once you've done it a couple times it is really quite a simple process, making homemade yogurt.

If you're more of a visual learner, here is a video of the same recipe.


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