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DIY Modern Phone or E-Reader Stand

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

A large part of modern day homesteading is finding a way to make enough money to keep yourself independent.

Because of this unruly notion, I have begun my journey into woodworking!

I have always been interested in crafting but didn’t know how to begin. I am super excited to share with you a simple and easy project that I have found.

You will end up with a modern and excellent phone stand for watching videos, charging your phone, or simply docking it on your desk at work. It's great for e-book reading too!

Apparently every woodworker needs a table saw. I begged my wife for some money because I had done my research on which one to get. It is the DEWALT DWE7485 8-1/4 in. Compact Jobsite Table Saw and it did not disappoint! After I carefully read over the instructions to familiarize myself with the functionality and safety, (what seemed like forever) I was ready to get cracking!

It was love at first cut, I couldn’t be happier with my first real woodworking project.

Here’s how I did it:

Making a Modern and Simple Phone and E-Reader Stand

1) Get yourself a nice hardwood board, mine was an 8″ wide poplar plank. Anything you like the look of will work.

2) Set the table saw up and when you have proper protection (eyes, ears, hands)… Set the saw fence at 4″. Go ahead and cut your 4 inch section off your plank.

Look at that, you’re halfway there!

3) Take your soon to be phone stand and a T-square, then mark a line where you would like to place your phone or tablet. Having the phone closer to the front will provide more stability so you can offset the center a little bit.

4) Measure the width of your e-reader or phone (with case!). Mine was about a half inch, so I want my groove to be just a hair wider than that but not too wide! The blade should account for the extra width and you can check as you go. Mark another line with your ruler and voila!

This is starting to take form!

5) Measure the width of the board and prepare to set the depth on your table saw blade. It should go about halfway to three quarters through, that way the device has some stability.

6) I want mine to cut a groove about 1/2″ so I adjust the level of the blade accordingly.

7) Now, adjust the bevel to a desired angle. Here I show 15° but I found that 10° actually works better…

8) Adjust your table saw fence to make contact with your targeted area. Using proper precautions, make your first cut! Hopefully it will be spot on, if not, it’s okay!

9) Ever so slightly adjust the table saw fence a little and make another cut. Do it a few more times to get the desired width, like this:

Remember to check the groove as you go to ensure the proper width with for your phone or e-reader before you cut too far!

10) Use some fine sandpaper and clean that baby up! You can use a block to help you get into the groove and to smooth nice and evenly.

Make it look good now!

Well what do you know?! We’re woodworkers now!

Take it inside and show it off to everyone!

12) ...or go ahead and oil it, paint it, stain it, whatever you would like to do to make it finished!

Oo-wee! What an amazing gift for anyone. For yourself even. However the gift itself is in the craft, so I hope you had as much fun making this as I did.

Check out how it works for yourself!

or for your E-Reader!

Stay tuned for more awesome how to’s as I plan on increasing my woodworking skills as often as I can!

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