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DiY Cool Passive Amplification Speaker for your Phone

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Making Passive Speakers for your Phone- Woodworking DIY Project

This is a pretty neat woodworking project! It may not bring down the house but it will

sneakily go along with all of your modern decor. Best of all it requires no power! You can literally place these speakers anywhere and get a better sound from your phone.

This is an ancient technique of amplifying sound passively which makes it so intriguing! Sound reverberates through the hollow speaker box to create a nice amplified sound from your cell phone. It looks nice on the shelf too.

Well let's get to it, let me show you how you can make your very own!

Time to crack out that amazing table saw again, let’s get into it!

1. Start by taking whatever hardwood you’d like and cut it down to two 12″ pieces. I still had some poplar leftover from my phone and e-reader stand, 8″ wide.

2. Adjust the fence to cut off two of 12 x 1 inch strips off each panel. This left me with a 6″ tall finished product and enough pieces to make the project.

Run it through twice to get your 6" wide board and your two 12" long pieces.

3. Mark center on one of the 12″ x 1″ pieces. Measure your phone and mark the width on your wood by dividing the width in half, measuring from center and making a line. You will want to cut on the outside of the line to insure that your phone will fit.

4. Either use a chop saw or your table saw to cut two of the long strips down into; two 1 inch pieces, two 2 inch pieces, and two 4 inch pieces.

You should now have all the pieces you will need!

5. Start gluing the pieces together with some wood glue and clamps, I started with the top rails and the pieces that make up the phone slot.

6. Now we are going to make the front panel. Measure up from the bottom of the back panel to the bottom of where your phone will sit. Make a couple marks on the front panel to indicate the bottom of what will be cut.

7. Now do the same for the left side…

8. And for the right.

9. Here I used a jigsaw to cut this piece out, setting up a fence with clamps and a straight board to get a close to perfect cut. Measure from your blade to the edge of your guide to know where to place it. Drill some holes in the corners to help you get a nice straight cut out.

8. Here I got to bust out my brand new router, I had never used one before so it was exciting. It went well, too! The brown marks you see are where I let the router sit in one place too long, which will burn that wood. I wanted a cleaner and nicer edge so I feel this is a must.

9. Now mark some places to drill the speaker holes. I did that measuring halfway between the opening and the side of the speaker. Also halfway between the top and bottom.

10. Using a 2″ hole saw, drill the speaker holes out.

11. Again I used my amazing new Ryobi router to get a super nice and clean look to the edge.

12. Now you are ready to glue it all together! To be honest, I used my table saw to trim up the edges a little bit...

Now that’s a boom box! Finish it how you like, find a good place for it in your home, and throw on something that you can dance to!

See how it works for yourself!

Once again I am a novice in woodworking, but I am finding it incredibly fulfilling and I hope you like it too. Send me your thoughts, questions, or comments and I would be so glad to talk to you!

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