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Biodynamic Gardening

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

High Altitude Homestead is in no way affiliated with the book, author, or publishers. Rather I aim to inform the public on books that contain highly important information and are therefore unbiased recommendations.

This is an article of praise for an amazing book, not the method itself. However, I must say that biodynamic gardening in itself is an incredibly important and vital style of gardening. This book is the key resource for the more in depth explanation, and I highly recommend it.

The method itself was developed in 1924, when industrial agricultures problems quickly became apparent. Here we are almost 100 years later, and big businesses are still using unsustainable and downright dangerous farming practices.

If you want to get into organic gardening, or become more in touch with natural farming practices, this book is for you!

What we have here is a nearly 300 page, full color, photo filled and beautifully presented book on the little known but highly necessary method of biodynamic gardening. Another term that has caught traction lately is "regenerative farming" and that's essentially the same idea.

This book is an encyclopedia for natural gardening. It delves into nearly every type of plant you have ever heard of. Telling you the most important facts like planting time, addressing soil health, and how to harness the powers of the moon and stars for all types of plants.

When I say the power of the moon and stars I am sure that will immediately turn people off. But this book actually breaks down the very simple science behind it all and makes it much more accessible to the common person.

I'll admit some of the techniques of Biodynamic Gardening are strange to my 21st century mind. But I am utterly intrigued by them none the less. I would have never known about some of these incredible methods otherwise.

I can absolutely say that I am a wiser gardener because of this book.


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