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3 Steps to Start Homesteading

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

It would seem as though you may have an interest in becoming a homesteader, as you have arrived at this page. Congratulations! You have started your journey to self reliance. Homesteading inherently brings the joy and freedom of living the true American Dream. It is not often in this modern age that we have the chance to seek life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness all at the same time. However, a traditional small-scale, house run farm has provided all the tenants for freedom since man was first taught agriculture. In an age of ever growing destruction and chaos, the simple life has become quite an enticing opportunity these days.

However! It must be understood that nothing worth doing comes easy. As with anything there will be trials and tribulations on your path, and the lifestyle itself is in fact a never ending process. With some careful planning, effort, and mindfulness, you will be able to avoid the pitfalls and one day reap the rewards of what a modern day homestead provides.


In three important beginning steps.

1. First and most importantly to become a modern day homesteader, you need to come up with a plan. What will you grow/make/produce to support yourself?

You can keep your regular 9-5. But in order to have a satisfying homestead operation you will have to work extra hard on your at home on the weekends, early mornings, or late nights.

You should always encourage yourself to find ways to be creative, and that will ultimately make establishing sources of financial income much easier. Find a craft that you thoroughly enjoy and eventually you will become an artisan in that regard. Your options are limitless.

You could also find a niche in your community for a certain kind of fruit or vegetable and grow it to sell at stores or at farmer's markets.

There are truly endless opportunities if you look hard enough. In the end you should be treating your homestead as a wide ranging business, and in turn it should become your primary source of income.

2. In order to become more self sufficient you must start growing your own food! It is a must for all homesteaders to utilize gardening space, not to mention that doing so benefits your health, your wallet, and your environment.

To allow yourself the ability to grow food you must start looking for where you plan to do so. Whether you purchase your own vacant farm land, rent open space allotment from someone with property, or have a backyard of any size. You can even maximize potential on a condominium balcony to suit your needs!

However, I would recommend somewhere with enough room to cultivate your own earth. This will ensure that proper practices are enacted and you can be certain its soil is as healthy as possible.

The school of gardening is one that you will never graduate, but its lessons will be learned in time. So you better start now!

3. What may be the most deceivingly difficult step is that you must begin to change your mindset towards a simple lifestyle! As a society we have been deeply ingrained with counterproductive methodology in all walks of life. Things are built to break, convenience is deemed essential, plants serve little purpose eating (or not!).

Start breaking from the norms of our times by being a force of change! Pick up that litter you walked by, pay extra for the organic produce, stand up for what is right when someone has the wrong idea!

Make simple changes in the household to live a more natural lifestyle. Maybe hang your laundry on a wash line, try making your own soap, plant your first real garden, start a compost bin.

This change includes ditching all GMO's and pesticides/herbicides. On a true homestead, you will be providing all of your own seeds, nutrition, medicine, and soil. Genetically Modified plants typically cannot reproduce, and if you sell them, you will get in BIG trouble! Poisoning bugs or weeds is essentially fighting nature, and this is a quick way to destroy what you are trying so hard to cultivate. "Pests" are almost always a sign of imbalance in the garden and can be fought with natural tactics instead of chemical sprays. Also many "weeds" are actually highly medicinal plants, not to mention flowers and food for our pollinators!

As you can see, you might have a lot to overcome from your conditioning to the 21st century. Our idea of what is necessary in life must be reconsidered. In time we will become better individuals, and contribute to a greater society.

As Confucius said,

"Their purposes being rectified, they cultivated themselves."

It may not be a quick transition,

in fact it may take a lifetime.

In order to gain independence

from becoming a homesteader,

you must start today.

There are far more dedicated and detailed books on the subject of homesteading. Check out a few great resources here.

Learn why homesteading is so important in the modern era.


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