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The environment is in turmoil

Fact is; we got problems.

The ocean is full of trash. Species are facing mass extinction. Poor farming and landscaping practices have contributed to loss of the vast majority of top soil. Rivers are running dry. Resources and the people that mine them are being exploited beyond sustainability and humility. 


This is just a short list of the world's problems.

Earth stewards have championed for cleaner and safer environment for decades in a seemingly futile effort to reverse the effects of our extreme growth of the last two centuries.

Another hard fact; Earth does not need us to fix it.

In fact, if humans ceased to exist today, within a generation nature would rebound beyond all expectations. 

Earth would be better off without human interference altogether. So make no mistake, Mother Earth does not care about you as an individual.

However, give Nature the respect and admiration it deserves and it will absolutely take care of you.

At High Altitude Homestead, we are driven to prove that people have the power to create positive change for the environment, in any circumstance.

Utilizing time tested, natural, and impactful permaculture

and self reliance techniques,

we aim to turn our high desert homestead into a subtropical paradise.


In turn we will make these methods accessible and easy for you to implement in your life.


Whether you are fleeing the city for rural ground, 

or homesteading in urban locations; 

there are effective and powerful ways to ensure your best possible situation for when the inevitable happens.

Remember; in the grand scope, we are here for a tiny little blip of time. The Earth's natural processes happen over the course of centuries. Do not expect a quick turnaround but do feel your power to create change.

Treat your short time on this world as an endeavor to understand Nature's creative processes in order to avoid learning about it's destructive side.

Organic Garden

Learn about the Practicality of Permaculture

Methods of cultivating nature are as old as time, proven by civilizations far and wide. We are now only beginning to understand the simplicity of symbiotic living.

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