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What once were unrealistic fears

are starting to become serious problems. 

Major river beds and springs are running dry all over the world due to unsustainable usage.

Ice caps are melting six times faster than they were 30 years ago.

Forests that are needlessly cut down will take about 300 years to produce the same oxygen.

The ocean is full of non biodegradable trash that is killing everything in the ocean.

Pesticides and herbicides are still being sprayed on plants, killing many insects and wild plants needed for our own survival!

Scientists are estimating that between 200 - 2,000 species go extinct every year!

It is desperately urgent for humanity to begin living in a more sustainable and natural way.

If we don't find more a harmonious life with Earth soon, we may not have any life much longer.

You must start doing so on a home scale, and there are many simple ways for you to begin.

At High Altitude Homestead we are driven to prove that people have the power to create positive change for the environment, in any circumstance.

Utilizing time tested, natural, and impactful permaculture

and self reliance techniques,

we will turn a deserted mountain

into a lush oasis.


In turn we aim to make these methods accessible and easy for you to implement in your life

on any scale,

for the betterment of yourself, and your planet.


Whether you are fleeing the city for rural ground, 

or homesteading in urban locations; 

there are effective and powerful ways to do things more sustainably. 

We are all responsible for 

the reclamation of

the natural Earth.

Together we can save the world!

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